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Why you should support my candidacy?

  1. I am the only candidate running for Comptroller that is a progressive and independent. I support a graduated income tax for the state of Illinois. As a Green Party member, I refuse to take corporate donations which undermine the ability of an office holder to act in the public’s interest.
  2. I offer a long-term and short-term solution for the state’s financial crisis that does not include an attack on public employees. Short-term we need to pass House Bill 106, the Financial Transaction Tax. This would allow us to raise $10-12 billion per year from traders who speculate on the markets who currently pay nothing on their trades. Long-term we need a graduated income tax based on ability to pay. Both major parties scape goat the 700,000 state and university employees by claiming they are taking advantage of the public. The truth is that these employees contribute to their pensions and the state has refused to contribute its part.
  3. I am the only candidate running who comes from a union background. I have been endorsed by the UE Western Region, which is part of the national Union, UE. I was a member since 1974, and was employed as an organizer until retiring in 2015. I am currently a member of UFCW Local 881. I believe that the less people are organized, the more they will be exploited.
  4. I believe that all the candidates for Comptroller should be invited to town hall meetings throughout the state, moderated by non-politicians, and asked questions by the public. Let’s take a step in rebuilding grass-roots democracy by putting the people first.
  5. If elected, my top priority would be to restore monies cut from education and needed social services. My campaign is based on restoring these funds and making traders and rich individuals pay their fair share of taxes.

Jill Stein for President, Scott Summers for US Senate, Tim Curtin for State Comptroller

Paid for by the Illinois Green Party, August, 2016 (labor donated)


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